bakerMy name is Brandon Cuellar but most people know me as Baker. I grew up writing graffiti and that was my number one passion as a teenager. Being a young graffiti writer, I ended up in and out of jail a little bit and made me realize I needed to find a better outlet for my artistic talents.  I started tattooing in 2010 and fell in love with it. I try not to focus too much on one specific style of tattooing but my favorites are probably American traditional, Japanese traditional and of course different fonts of lettering.



How did you become a tattoo artist?
I started tattooing in 2010 cause my friends saw my art. Graffitti on canvas mostly. They told me they wanted me to tattoo them.
At the time i was a dental tech and got sick of my job. So i decided to order one of those kits on line. Lol. Same day it came in i was tattooing all night at least four tattoos that night.
After a few months of tattooing in the dark. Not knowing what i was doing except what i learned off google. They weren't coming out to bad so i decided to go get a traditional apprenticeship so I can learn the right way to do this.

What keeps you inspired?
Art was always a passion throughout my life.  Went to college for graphic design. Followed my dreams and a year after I graduated my apprentice ship and have been tattooing everyday since.

Who were your influences?
People who have influenced me were tattooers like Bob Tyrell, Joe Capobianco, Placasso, Jack Rudy and letter heads like: Big Meas, and Flacko. People like
these keep me inspired to learn everyday and get better or ill get left in the dust.

What Tattoo style are you known for?
I like dooing fine line black and grey. Realism, and lettering The most. Japanese color tattooing is also really fun.

Have you worked at conventions, Shows, Guest Spots?
I have not done any traveling or conventions yet but deffinetly will in the near future

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